Congratulations on completing your course. Sure you are looking forward to the next phase of your life which is thriving in your career. A commonly asked question is, why do job opportunities for a fresh graduate expect you to have job experience? Here are three ways to help boost your career experience.
Get an internship.
Do not undermine the pay you get during this period. Internships enable you to gain real-time experience and exposure. A firm that will offer you more work as much as the senior handles and offers a guide is ideal for your growth.
You are likely to get an internship through referral, cold calls, or job opportunities platforms such as; Brighter Monday, My Jobs In Kenya, Fuzu, or Careers.Com.

Job Shadowing
This simply means you find someone doing what you want to do and spend time with them in their actual working environment to see and learn from what they do. This will enable you to gauge your interest and capacity in that field. Consider spending one hour with them every day, or even a whole week. You can add this to your CV as an interim period.

Volunteer Work
Volunteer in an organization of your choice. That way, you will get not only the experience but also, your mind will be occupied in the right way. You will capture this on your cover letter and CV which builds up to your career experience years.

In Conclusion
Whichever direction life takes you after graduation, ensure you do not stay idle. Avoid bad influences that will see you go astray. It is important to also be in touch with your former classmates/schoolmates and pray.